Black Friday

Probeer de nieuwe Yesthetica Haute Couture Eyeliner pigmenten nu met extra Black Friday korting!

Losse pigmenten €49 per stuk ipv €55
Diluent €10 per stuk ipv €12

Set Prijs €170 ipv €220


Red Ocra – This is the perfect correction color that you can add to counteract the blue glow of the eyeliners when using the intense black. When the Red Ocra is added to the Shadow Black you get a brown tint.

Intense Black – The most black pigment. This pigment consists of 100% organic carbon. This makes this pigment perfect to create the most intense eyeliners.

Shadow Black – A transparent black pigment. A perfect choice when you want to create different artistic shadow effects with the eyeliners. This pigment can be mixed with white to obtain a gray tint. With a small addition of Red Ocre you create a perfect brown shade.

White – An intense white color, with an addition of diluent perfect to use for a translucent pearly shadow effect. You can also use White individually to create highlights or a white eyeliner.

Diluent – This is the diluent based on the composition of the Yesthetica pigments