Harmony MB Sampler Pack

75.00 56.25

Tina Davies Days

Priced per box, each box comes with 8 Microblades.

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Why do the world’s best microblading artists choose Harmony Microblade?

Microblading artists that strive for perfection and demand the best for their clients should look no further. With Harmony microblades patented design you can confidently deliver your best work to your most discerning clients.

Try them all: The Sampler Pack contains 8 Harmony Microblades: 2 Classic, 2 Curved, 2 U Needle and 2 Shaders. All of the microblades arrive ready for art with no assembly required.

Who is this for? The sampler pack is a great choice for artists that are new to Harmony and want to try them all. The Sampler Pack is also very popular with schools and trainers that want to add high-end mircroblades to their professional kit.

We made these tools for artists that are serious about great results and aren’t willing to compromise on health and safety.