Haut 1 – Voorbereidings lotion


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The success of a great event is directly linked to your planning, to all that lies behind your preparation for everything to happen in the best possible way. The spectacle that we see is the result of a preparation carried out with excellence.

And, this is what the Preparatory provides, such a thorough and thorough cleaning performed with unrivaled delicacy.

Gentle preparatory lotion for micropigmentation, cleanses the skin, removes dead cells from the corneal layer leaving the skin hydrated and ready to receive the procedure, giving a clearer and easier to visualize the skin … including retouching.


On the eyebrows, apply a small portion in the region and massage with a flexible rod or with your fingers, wipe the excess with a dry cotton. In the eyes, moisten a cotton wool with a small portion and just clean it, avoid the product coming into contact with the inside of the eyes. SHAKE BEFORE USING.


Essential Oil of Eugenia uniflora;
Extract of Chamomilla recutita;
Extract of Aloe barbadensis.