Haut 2 – Gezichtsreiniging tonic


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A well-prepared place, taken care of before and during the procedure, becomes a safe place.

Tonic is so effective and potent that it resembles a drug in its results, as well as therapeutic in containing inflammation. The product still has the ” plus ” cleaning.

We present the action of the Repair Damage technology that works in the cleaning and disinfection of the procedure, stimulating the synthesis of collagen that diminishes the release of histamine, where it keeps the cells of the tissues united and strengthened, eliminating the lymph. Promotes the start of the process that blocks the inflammation, thus providing an armored result.


Spray the cotton tonic, use for cleaning throughout the process and for finishing. Do not spray on the application site. SHAKE BEFORE USE .


  • Essential Oil of Eugenia uniflora
  • Extract of Chamomilla recutita
  • Extract of Aloe barbadensis
  • Extract of Rhodiola rosea root