Haut 3 – Micro pigmentatie beschermingsgel


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After the procedure on your skin, nothing more important than an insurmountable shield that provides protection and recovery of the site against external contaminants, and with beautiful result.

The Gel creates a “surrogate skin” that allows your body to concentrate all its energies in the direct combat to the inflammation.

At the same time that it acts in the protection of the region, it will complement the action of the Tonic, acting in the reduction of the swelling and also making an asepsis after procedure. Fight existing inflammation to create a refreshing sensation in the area.


Apply a small portion with a flexible rod after finalizing the procedure, apply only once. Do not apply to the lower eye area.


  • Essential Oil of Eugenia uniflora
  • Mentha piperita Essential Oil
  • Essential Oil of Melaleuca alternifolia
  • Extract of Onopordum acanthium.