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Tina Davies Days


This new revolutionary kit has everything you need for any microblading or permanent makeup procedure… all in one tidy little package.

It was specifically designed and curated to help artists streamline their setup process with highly needed disposables so that they never forget any tools and always maintain the highest attention to safe work practices.

Each kit includes 100% EO Gas Sterilized components and the entire kit is completely disposable. Each kit is equipped with a lot number, expiry date, and manufacture date.

1. Large Custom Tray
2. Eyebrow Ruler
3. Clear Facemask
4. Alcohol Swabs (4)
5. Spoolie Brush
6. Cotton Swabs (5)
7. Cup for Liquids
8. Fine Brushes (3)
9. Headband
10. Nitrile Gloves ( 2 Medium, 1 Small )
11. Non-woven Cotton Pads ( 20 )
12. Pigment Rings With Removable Cups ( 2 )
13. Waste Bag
14. Water-Repellant Bedsheet
15. Water-Repellant Client Drape
16. Water-Repellant Table Paper